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3 Ways to Naturally Strengthen Your Immue System


For the past two years immunity has become a hot button topic. Let me be the first to say everyone should be proactive about building a strong immune system. If you have taken a vaccine that’s fine however that one action isn’t enough to protect you from viruses and bacteria.

Lifestyle Hacks for Naturally Strong Immune System

  1. Turmeric which contrains Curcumin has been extensively studied for its antiviral properties. What we do know about this power duo fights foreign invaders in your body. Additionally this combination acts as an antioxidant managing free radicals in your body.

2. Tea Tree essential oil also known as Melaleuca is one of the most beneficial essential oils. Tea tree has the ability to combat viruses, bacteria, and fungus. Did you know this essential oil also is great for controlling pain? Whether you use this essential oil in a diffuser or apply topically you will not be disappointed. Keep in mind if applied directly to skin use a carrier oil like coconut oil to protect your skin.


3. Alright if you made it to this last tip you are ready to take your health to the next level. This tip is so simple it will completely blow your mind. Your body’s ph should be slightly alkaline. Alkaline is a ph above seven. For the average adult over half the body is composed of water. Start drinking alkaline water on a daily basis and see the difference in your body’s ability to fight infections.


One decision that will never be regretted is taking care of yourself. Schedule your wellness session at https://linktr.ee/healercassandra.

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