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Slashing Calories on the Sly!!

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  1. Focus on presentation. Turn each meal into a luxurious experience. Set a pretty table complete with flowers and candles.

  2. Eat high-volume foods. Feel full, and give your body the nutrients it needs while you’re consuming fewer calories. Choose foods that are high in fiber and water content like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

  3. Spread out your daily protein. Foods high in protein curb your appetite better than fats or carbohydrates.That way you’ll feel satisfied on fewer calories. Eat yogurt at breakfast and fish at lunch rather than saving all your protein for dinner.

  4. Grab breakfast. Start each day with a breakfast that provides energy and helps you resist visiting the office vending machines before lunch. Dish up eggs, oatmeal, or a bean burrito.

  5. Stay full. Schedule meals and snacks throughout the day so your stomach always feels slightly full. This will keep your blood sugar stable and make you less likely to go off track.


Cutting calories isn’t hard. You don’t have to deprive yourself it’s more about making a lifestyle change. Be sure to check out our weight loss shakes and detox meals at http://www.cassandrarhill.com/books.

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