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We hear the commercials. Please contact this law firm if you or your loved one has taken ___________ and has been seriously hurt or worse died. Unfortunately medication designed to help us can harm us.

The Food and Drug Administration regulates prescription and over the counter drugs. However there are limitations to their process.

  • The number of people in a clinical trial of a new drug is typically small in comparison to the number of people who take the drug if it reaches the market.
  • Since the nation’s healthcare system is not integrated, there is no standard way to track the adverse effects of a medicine in any given health system or across various health systems.
  • Adverse effects are reported to MedWatch but this reporting system is voluntary and there are serious drug reactions that are never reported.

Hopefully this brief article will cause us to think about our dependency on prescription drugs and explore alternatives. Educate yourself on essential oils, vitamins, and food. Take control of your life. Knowledge is power!


Yours in health,

Cassandra Hill, Certified Wellness Coach & Aging Expert