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Meet Cassandra

Cassandra Hill is a Christian Holistic Wellness Influencer who teaches Black professional women a framework for achieving physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. 

For women who are ready to start or expand their business Cassandra offers business advisory services. 

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Restore the Soul

1:1 Customized Wellness Plan with Cassandra

Feeling stuck and need a boost? This customized program will transform your life holistically. You’ll refocus your energy and readjust your goals to manifest your best and attract the life you’ve always wanted. You’re one plan away from a restored soul all around!

Reclaim Your Throne

60-Day Intensive Coaching With Cassandra

This 1:1 wellness intensive is for the highly “successful” professional woman. You have broken the glass ceiling, but your wellbeing is suffering. In this holistic wellness coaching program, you’ll find extra time by becoming laser-focused on your goals and letting go of activities that don’t align with those goals. By changing your physical, emotional, and spiritual health in this ultimate package, you’ll experience the greatest possible transformation — living in happiness again and performing at your best.

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