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Top 10 Ways to Prevent Burnout

When you achieve a certain level of success in your business/career, sooner or later, working long hours without taking time to recharge will likely lead

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What’s eating at you?

We live in a world full of hurdles to overcome. Whether it is a global pandemic or social injustice there will always be challenges that

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When was the last time you took time to be still? Detoxing from everything social media, television, and all other distractions. We live in a

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Benefits of Walking

Exercise. You need to exercise! This is what our society tells us, often leading us to feel guilty if we don’t. Yes, while keeping our

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Smart Weight Loss Tips

Many times when you are trying to find weight loss tips online, you come across a lot of fad diets. These are the diets which

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Holiday Eating

Christmas is around the corner. Although many will be celebrating in a different way the holiday menu is typically one of the highlights of celebration.

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Strong Woman

Many times as a woman you are conditioned to put on a mask for the world. Even as a little girl you were told big

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I'm Cassandra Hill

And I work with women who are struggling to put their health and wellbeing first. My path as a Christian Holistic Wellness Influencer started with a career in gerontology that was sidetracked by a battle with a chronic illness. After five years in remission, it’s become my life’s work to teach other women a framework for holistic wellness so they can start feeling their best again.

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