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Does Your Body Need a Detox


Living in a world full of pollution we are exposed to toxins daily. Many of the foods you consume are full of harmful pesticides. Cleaning the home can even be dangerous. There has been overwhelming evidence to support that common household products over a period of time cause as much harm as smoking cigarettes.

Since you are being exposed to these toxins constantly your body is inundated with waste. The primary organs responsible for removing waste are experiencing overload. Give your kidney and liver a break by detoxing your body.

3 Tips for a Good Detox

  • Eat lots of fruits and veggies with no meat
  • Drink tons of water along with smoothies and herbal teas (Eliminate soda and alcohol)
  • Move your body for at least 30 minutes a day

For best results a detox should last for one week. The benefits of detoxing are unending such as weight loss, clearer skin, and more energy. Oftentimes after a detox you will keep some of the new habits that were created. Enjoying the benefits will help you stay motivated to living a healthier life.

Get rid of all the gunk that has been holding you hostage. Live the life you deserve. Lay a foundation to establish wellness in your body. Start your detox today!

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