Protecting Your Child’s Health

Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs on Earth so this piece of content is related to How To Protect Your Child’s Health. You may find yourself spending countless hours on your decision making skills.

One thing all parents desire is for their child to have a better life. The foundation to success begins with good health.

Take a look at the numbers from the Family Health Study:

  • 60% kids missed fewer days of school
  • 66% kids visited the doctor less
  • 56% kids taking fewer over the counter and or prescription drugs

These results are based on 250,000 study respondents. At this point I am sure you are thinking a couple of thoughts:

  • What is the Family Health Study?
  • How can I enroll?

How To Protect Your Child’s Health

Family Health Study began in 1999, Juice Plus started reaching out to families whose children were consuming the supplements. Since that time Juice Plus has been documenting and tracking family’s progress. Additionally research universities have studied the products on adults.

Enrolling a child is simple visit the website http://www.ch93603.juiceplus.com. Select Getting Started and choose Healthy Starts for Families.

Food is medicine. The body is capable of doing great things when it has the proper nutrition. Give yourself and your child a healthy start.

Visit www.ch93603.juiceplus.com to order your nutritional supplements. Start giving your body the fruits & veggies it’s craving!!

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