Safe Cleaning

As we are spending more and more time at home having a toxic free environment is imperative. Much of the products on the market for cleaning and disinfecting are actually toxic. Have you ever noticed the danger label on the the back?

Many of the ingredients like sodium hydroxide and triclosan have caused nervous system damage, asthma, and cancer. These products are unsafe in any home but there are safe alternatives.

Now is a great time to start living green. Cleaning products with essential oils like tea tree are safe and effective. Other essential oils that are great for cleaning include orange, lemon, and rosemary.

Always dilute essential oils before cleaning typically it’s okay to dilute with other. If you are in doubt contact an aromatherapist.

Looking for a easier fix to cleaning green? There are cleaning products on the market that pose no hazards. Feel free to leave a comment if you would more information on these products.

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