Are all Vitamins & Supplements the Same?

Americans are living longer however the nation is experiencing more chronic illness. Nearly half of Americans approximately 45% live with hypertension according to World Health Organization.

Frustration with prescription drugs has resulted in more people exploring vitamins and supplements. Have you considered does it really matter what vitamin or supplement you choose?

All vitamins and supplements are not created equal. There are brands that do not provide the ingredients that are listed on their product label. Don’t flush money down the drain buying vitamins & supplements that will not improve your health.

One of the reasons I take Juice Plus is because their supplements are NSF certified which means what you see on the label is actually in the supplement. Juice Plus is also full of fruits and veggies which is exactly what the body needs to stay healthy. Their supplements don’t have any filler ingredients.

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Taking vitamins and supplements should improve your health. The right vitamins and supplements will offer the essential vitamins your body needs. Juice Plus has been reviewed by the top research institutions like Vanderbilt University, M.D. Anderson, and many others. To learn more about Juice Plus or to purchase products visit www.ch93603.juiceplus.com.

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