Aromatherapy Health Benefits

Essential oils are known for their great smell however essential oils can improve your health when used properly. Today we will focus on essential oils that will improve our mood and that can reduce pain in the body.

Mood Stabilizers

Rose essential oil- Did you know an average of 60 roses goes into every single drop of rose essential oil? Rose essential oil can ease feelings of anger and lower stress levels. Due to the cost and desirability of rose essential oil it is often polluted. Ensure you purchase it from a trusted source.

Marjoram essential oil- Marjoram can act as a sedative aiding you to sleep better. Other benefits of marjoram include alleviating feelings of anxiousness and decreasing stress levels. Marjoram blends well with cinnamon essential oil in a diffuser.

Cypress essential oil- Cypress has a history of clearing and soothing the mind. When you are feeling irritability or stress end your day with cypress essential oil. Since cypress can also act as a sedative it is recommended to use closer to bedtime in a diffuser or warm bath.

Pain Relief

Tea Tree essential oil- Tea tree is one of the most commonly used essential oils. Also known as melaleuca this essential oil can significantly decrease pain in your body and can act as a antibacterial.

Bergamot essential oil- Bergamot is a citrus fruit. The essential oil is made from the rind of the fruit. Bergamot has a spicy-sweet aroma which makes it a favorite for fragrance companies. Use bergamot to lower your pain levels and it also can act as an antibiotic.

Black Pepper essential oil- Black pepper has a myriad of health benefits. In 2013 the Journal Advances in Pharmacological Sciences reported key enzymes relevant to hypertension and type 2 diabetes were improved by exposure to black pepper essential oil. In addition to helping with pain black pepper essential oil can also help with lowering a fever.

The benefits of using essential oils are limitless. If you are looking to improve your health with essential oils let’s start the conversation. Arrange a wellness session at http://www.cassandrarhill.com.

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