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Refreshing and Renewing Your Mind

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The year 2020 will definitely go into the record books. Can you believe the year is over? This year has brought many challenges. The first step in addressing your emotional and mental wellness is realizing the need for help.

Although many are practicing social distancing understand that you are not alone. Oftentimes its easy to think that you are experiencing trials by yourself but let me reassure you there is someone out there going through a similar experience.

Creating a stable support system is one of the pieces that will allow opportunities for you to expand your thinking and create accountability. Utilizing technology, you can connect and build meaningful relationships with people all over the world.

The mind is powerful so much so that you can literally think things into existence. At this time, we will look at various activities that will improve your emotional and mental wellness.


Of course, exercise is good for physical health however, there are mental health benefits in exercising. Regular exercise will help you in feeling more positive about yourself and boost your overall mood. Harvard has released research concluding that 15 minutes of walking or running reduces risk of depression by 26%.


Essential oils have been proven beneficial for many common ailments. Incorporating essential oils into your lifestyle can be done easily. Essential oils can be applied topically to your skin with a carrier oil, diffused, or ingested after consulting a professional. Arborvitae, geranium, and bergamot are a few choices can stabilize your mood.


We often think of food in terms of its impact to our physical body. Food does impact our health since it can be utilized as medicine. In addition to its physical benefits there are emotional benefits of certain foods. Your diet should include 9-13 servings of fruits and vegetables for overall. In terms of improving your mood berries, fermented foods, and omega 3 fatty acids are good choices.

Refreshing your mind is a process. Take one day at a time and don’t beat yourself up when a bad day comes. Falling in love with yourself and refreshing yourself is a process. Make one step now towards the journey.

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