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The Security Blanket of Prayer

power of prayer

God blessed me to grow up in a home where both of my parents were Christian. Every day I saw my parents reading God’s Word. Eventually I grew to have my own faith in God.

Although I obeyed Christ at an early age, I really do not think I depended on God until life happened. As an undergraduate student in college, I experienced many challenges. One of my professors went through great strides to hinder me graduating from college. Although I was a good student making the National Dean’s List, All American Collegiate Scholar, and other recognitions my senior year of college was a living nightmare.

This professor changed my grades on assignments that determined whether I passed the course. When I was faced with this challenge, I learned the power of prayer. Praying to God gave me a sense of peace that I had not experienced before in my life. It was utterly amazing to see God come into my life and work things out for my good.

As Christians oftentimes we think trials are always from Satan however God chastens whom He loves. If we allow our difficult times to draw us closer to God, we will establish real faith. Walking with God is easy when life is easy. The real strength will come from the rain coming into our life.

I can recall being in my twenties and being a graduate student. Life was pretty busy between studying and work. It was normal for me to experience fatigue however on this particular day something was different. Can you believe I fainted? Yes, I passed out and went to the emergency room for treatment. Praying to God for healing helped me to make it through.

Unfortunately for me this was just the beginning of my journey of health challenges. Once I completed my graduate studies and started my career things slowly started to unravel in my life. It was like a snowstorm that would not end. My parents divorcing was a huge adjustment for me. During this time, I also experienced my first miscarriage. Praying to God for clarity and peace of mind was the only thing that kept me sane during this time.

Although I had not planned my pregnancy losing my baby was one of the hardest challenges I had experienced in life. Praying became something I did while sitting in traffic or while working. Talking with God was so healing, and He always provided everything I needed at the right time.

When I became pregnant again with twins, I was excited and nervous. In the early weeks of the pregnancy, I began experiencing some problems. The doctor put me on bedrest which help for some time. Every day I talked to God and my babies. When I miscarried again it nearly robbed me of peace of mind. At this critical moment I decided to trust God. Studying His Word daily and prayer helped me to preserve.

When I look over my life praying to God in the difficult times has taught me the greatest lessons. The year 2020 was a year for unprecedented things happening in America. At the beginning of the year God gave me a vision for my business. This vision required complete dependence on Him since I needed to pursue my business full-time. When the pandemic happened, I was confused. How can I work the vision God? God has shown me that when I trust and believe in Him all things are possible.

The power of pray is mind blowing. At times I think it is easy to read God’s Word and just think these are stories. The power of pray has not changed just like Sara gave birth at 90; God can do a great work in you!

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