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From heading to the office daily to now working from home and possibly homeschooling children life can throw a curveball. For many women, the stress has become unbearable. Many of the conveniences in life have been taken away for the past year.

The social injustice that has been going on has been quite unsettling. For a woman of color, we went through the experience of losing a sister who was asleep in her home. With the continued institutional racism across sectors in our world our mental health has been attacked.

This is a key moment in history that has the potential to change the world for many years to come. As a woman of color recognizing your worth is important. It is time for you to stop the self-neglect and make yourself a priority. The days are gone for you putting yourself on the back burner while taking care of personal and professional responsibilities. As a woman you teach others how to treat you. What lessons are you teaching?

When we take a look from the past, we can see that faith in God gave women the strength to press toward their rights. Today is a great opportunity to remember your worth in God.

Despite the challenges that the world is experiencing you can still be liberated. There is a gift inside of you that the world needs. Take a step towards healing yourself so you can utilize your gift to its fullest potential.

Keep in mind that you have experienced storms in your life before and you are still here. The skills that served as an asset before bring them out now. Many times, you underestimate your insight and forget that you are resilient. All you need is someone to cheer you on and hold you accountable for achieving your liberation.

What is entangling you at this time? Let me know your strategy to reach liberation. It would be great to cheer you on and celebrate with you.

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