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Women of Faith

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God has given you everything for life and godliness. There is no reason for you to feel lacking in this world. As March comes to an end this Women’s History Month give yourself permission to dream Your Vision. Take some time and make this vision crystal clear. When writing out this vision write in present tense. Your mind needs to know this will manifest in your life.

When creating this vision allow your mind to just flow there is no vision that is too big or small. Since this is a vision that God is giving you no one will quite understand it like you and that’s okay. There are parts of this vision that no one should know about until it manifests to the world. Keep trusting God and daily seek His guidance. God will direct your steps when you start trusting Him.

As a woman you have made many great strides in life. Beating up the odds you completed college and began a successful career. You probably even made it to an executive position or started your own venture. You have accomplished so much! Now it is time for you to focus on YOU!

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