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What has kept you up at night? There are many things occurring in the world. Whether it is the global pandemic or social injustice it is easy to find something to sprout emotional upset in your life.

Although these are important concerns to stay emotionally healthy developing effective coping mechanisms is important. When responding out of fear or anger your mind is not in the proper state to make the best decision.

Trust God to guide you and offer peace in any circumstance.

The uncertainties of life will happen. It is a part of living whether it’s 9/11 or Columbine school shooting things will occur. When those events happened, it was a dark time, but you were able to make it through the storm. Have faith in yourself and know that you can overcome anything with the right resources.

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4 thoughts on “LIVING IN FEAR”

      1. If you’re a child of God, you’re right. There is no time to worry. However, worrying is a human trait and hardwired. But there is something we can do to aliviate the anxiety- we pray.

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