The month of May is recognized as Lupus Awareness Month. Lupus is an autoimmune condition that primarily affects women particularly women of color.

In 2014 I became awfully familiar with lupus after doctors diagnosed me with having systemic lupus. According to the CDC 1.5 million people are living with lupus in America. Many develop this condition between the ages 15-44.

One in 537 black women are impacted by lupus. Since this a condition that affects so many women of color let’s talk being proactive with your health. Although science has not concluded the exact causes of lupus we do know living a healthier life can alleviate the symptoms or prevent the condition from developing within your body.

Healthy Eating

Think of your body as a vehicle. Your vehicle requires fuel to perform and so does your body. In keeping your body operating at maximum performance eating a wide range of fruits and vegetables is important. On average most adults need 9-13 fruits and vegetables to maintain optimal health. Would you like some inspiration for planning these tasty healthy meals? My clean eating plan offers meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Most of these meals can be made fairly quickly. Visit https://cassandrahill.podia.com/clean-eating-plan to purchase the clean eating plan.

Clean Eating

Emotional/Mental Wellness

For many people living with lupus as well as other autoimmune conditions stress is a pre-cursor to onset of symptoms. The effects of long-term stress can produce disastrous consequences. On a daily basis set your mind on having a positive day. Whether it is beginning the day with prayer and mediation or utilizing aromatherapy to bring a nice aroma and calming effect to your environment find ways to keep yourself centered.

Support System

Having people around you who add value to your life will make it easier as you make a lifestyle change. Examine your close relationships and ask yourself the following questions.

*Does this person bring out the best in me?

*Am I being abused in this relationship? (physical or emotional abuse)

*Does this person and I share common values, beliefs, etc.?

Once you have honestly answered these questions this will help determine your next steps. If you find yourself stuck utilizing my life coach services may be of interest to you. Feel free to start the discussion with me through a Discovery call. Discovery calls can be scheduled at bit.ly/pathtoheal.


Lupus affects many people particularly minority women. There are actions women can take to protect their health.

Eat healthy https://cassandrahill.podia.com/clean-eating-plan

Support system Schedule a Discovery call bit.ly/pathtoheal

Share this post with a woman. The end of lupus starts with you!

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