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Emotional rollercoaster of dieting

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One of the greatest differences you can make with regards to losing weight in a healthy and sane way, is centered around the way you will be making personal choices. As a matter of fact, the issue of making changes in your life is almost completely about personal preference. Learning how to make nutritious choices instead of keeping on with the alternatives and choices that have led you to the overweight place you are right now.

There is nothing wrong with the selections you have made up to now, and in fact many people are really comfortable with their amount of health and weight. But if you aren’t happy with the way, you feel or the way you look, and you want to change, then learning how to make different choices is an excellent starting point.

When we were we were young, the habits of the people close to you, like your mom and dad and your siblings, became your choices in daily life as well. No blame there, they were only doing the absolute best they could with what they knew how to do. Sometimes, those were the only choices that were offered at the time. It’s not like when you are a small child that you are going to tell your Mother that the food, she is giving you is not healthy for you. You’re pretty much just going to eat it.

Of course, there will always be some kids who throw fits at mealtimes, but for the most part, you learn to eat what you are given to eat. As a result of this choice on the part of someone else, you learned that these choices were the right ones. If those selections included lots of good healthy food choices, then you probably grew up with a healthy body weight.

But if the food you were provided as a child was high fat, or high calorie or all carbohydrates, then you learned that those were the correct food choices to make. But these days maybe those choices don’t serve you so much anymore.

New Choice #1

Include some sources of protein with your meals that are not beef or pork. Beef and pork rewuire lots of time to digest. Poultry and fish are easier to digest.

It’s great to eat sources of protein that burn cleanly in your body and has fewer calories.

New Choice #2

At least once a week eat a meatless meal. Smoothies can provide lots of nutrition with the right ingredients. Soups and salads are additional options for meatless meals.

The average adult body needs nine to thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables for maximum performance.


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