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Vaccine or Not You Need To Build a Healthy Immune System


The cases of the variant are increasing across the country. Regardless of whether or not you take the vaccine buidling a strong immune system is important.

When you decide to make your health a priority your body will experience incredible results.


Elderberries strengthen the function of immune system protecting against infections and bacteria. Other health benefits of elderberries include retarding the spread or growth of cancer and helping to control weight.


Well the orange isn’t the only fruit loaded with Vitamin C add pineapple to the list. Vitamin C is abundant in pineapple and also acts as an antioxidant. One cup of fresh pineapple juice contains over 70% of the required daily dose of manganese. Pineapple also contains vitamin B which helps improve brain functioning and the ability to manage stress.


Broccoli is full of vitamin C with one cup equaling 90% of daily vitamin C needs. Another great benefit of broccoli is being loaded with fiber which slows down digestion and builds good gut health. Broccoli like other cruciferous vegetables like kale and cauliflower contain phytonutrients that support your gut’s immune health. These foods are also anti-inflammatory.


Yogurt can be a healthy snack that is choked with essential nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, B vitamins, phosphorus`along with many other nutrients. Check your label to ensure your yogurt has probiotics this live bacteria can strengthen your gut health and improve your immune health.


Turmeric has become popular in the the health & wellness industry and it is for a good reason. Turmeric acts stop inflammation which is the cause of many diseases. Combine turmeric with curcumin for a powerhouse effect of acting as a antimicrobial and antibacterial. There are so many benefits of turmeric I encourage adults to consume it daily.


This golden milk is one of my go to drinks that contains turmeric and black pepper along with other ingredients that offers a healthy alternative to coffee.


Your health is wealth. Take steps today to build a strong immune system so you can live a full and abundant life. If you are a woman without a game plan to protect your health let’s change that by arranging a session at http://www.calendly.com/newhealthyyou

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