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Why Black Women Health Matters


Most of my life there have been challenges with my health. As a child with asthma that required using inhalers and breathing treatments at an early age the importance of health was something that I came to understand.

As an undergraduate student conducting research on health disparities opened up my eyes to the problem that many black women are experiencing in America. Although we are growing businesses at record numbers and are one of the most educated groups in America we still lag behind in regards to our health.

For instance in pregnancy black women are three to four times more likely to die than whites. The healthcare system as we know it needs to be dismantled. It is unacceptable that this many black women are dying during the labor process. The infant mortality rate for black babies is 10.4 per 1000 births according to the New England Journal of Medicine.

As a black woman who has lost six babies the vision to live in a world where health disparities no longer exist means the world to me.

Black women are naturally gifted at nurturing others. In order to pour into others it’s time to put our oxygen mask on and give ourselves permission to make our health and well-being priority. If you are a black woman who doesn’t have a plan in place to protect your health you are setting yourself up for failure.

Sister this is your time to shine! Let’s talk about transforming your mind, body, and soul. Find a time on my calendar at https://calendly.com/newhealthyyou.


Black women are facing health challenges at alarming rates. It is possible to take control of your health and live the life you deserve. For more health and wellness tips like me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/cassandrahillhealerofwomen.

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