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Do You Need A Wellness Plan?


Women’s Health

Many women juggle career/business and taking care of a family. In the midst of all these responsibilities it’s easy to put yourself on the back burner.

If you don’t have a wellness plan in place you are probably neglecting your health and well-being. When you practice self-care as a woman you are in a better position to care for the people you love the most.


You will never regret prioritizing yourself. Start the conversation about your self-care journey by chatting with us at http://www.cassandrarhill.com.

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I'm Cassandra Hill

And I work with women who are struggling to put their health and wellbeing first. My path as a Christian Holistic Wellness Influencer started with a career in gerontology that was sidetracked by a battle with a chronic illness. After five years in remission, it’s become my life’s work to teach other women a framework for holistic wellness so they can start feeling their best again.

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