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Mind-Body Exercises for Mental Performance


Most people know the importance of physical exercise. But not many offer the same level of importance when it comes to the mind. But researchers state that the popular expression “use it or lose it” is valid for brain health.

And over time, brain training has become a popular topic. People are always looking for ways to improve their cognitive abilities and intelligence.

And although a lot of cognitive scientists state that brain training claims can be misleading, there’s a ton of research saying that specific activities can benefit a person’s brain health.

The brain helps us with everything we do. And just like our hands, legs, and stomach, our brain needs adequate stimulation to function correctly. However, as the brain ages, its ability to maintain its cognitive health might not be as good as it was in the past.

This phenomenon is known as cognitive aging, and there are plenty of ways to prevent it from happening. By engaging in brain exercises and activities that challenge your mind, you can slow cognitive aging and help your brain stay younger for longer.

Try these exercises today:

  1. Try your hands at jigsaw puzzles. Whether you put a 100-piece picture together or a 1,000-piece, jigsaw puzzles will help stimulate your mind and limber up your muscles. Despite the small moves your hands will make, this is not necessarily a physical activity. However, it can help you develop mental focus and endurance. Also, your needing to look at different small pieces and determine where each fits in the larger scheme of things suggests that you exercise other parts of your brain as well.
  1. Increase your vocabulary. The next time you read something online or in a book, pay attention to the author’s language. Whether they describe how a character feels or responds to a situation, your vocabulary plays a vital role in how your brain processes the information. The more you know, the more impressive your brain will become. Studies also show that building your vocabulary also improves the brain’s visual and auditory processing centers.
  1. Acquire a new skill and hang out with like-minded people. Learning a new skill or honing an old one can help boost your mental abilities. Choose the right hobby or pastime so that you can learn a new skill while having fun. Anything interesting will have you hooked in no time. All you might need is a little guidance from the experts. On the other hand, loneliness can be detrimental to your mental well-being. When you hang out with others, your mind is constantly stimulated and is prone to new ideas. Try having a group activity with your friends or joining your local sports team. These activities will increase your sense of well-being and help you combat stress.


Mental training is a practice that can strengthen your ability to focus, increase your memory, uplift your mood, and enhance your ability to perform complex cognitive tasks. Combine them with physical exercise and a healthy diet. And very soon, you’ll start noticing positive changes in your life.

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