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Simple Strategies to Trim Your Body This Summer

Health and Wellness Coach

Do you feel a little uneasy about swimsuit weather?

If so, try following these simple strategies to trim your body. They may make the difference between having a self-conscious summer and enjoying fun in the sun.

Trim Your Body

Trimming your body likely involves losing a few pounds. Thankfully, all it requires is a little bit of discipline and patience to acquire these weight-reducing habits.

Remember to talk about your wish to lose weight with your doctor. They may have some recommendations for you and provide baseline tests like checking your blood pressure and blood sugar to gauge where you are currently with your health.

  1. Decrease calorie intake from your drinks. Reduce or cut out sugared beverages like sodas and alcohol.

    *If you like sweet drinks, try sweetening them with Stevia. Stevia is one of the newer non-caloric sweeteners available on the market. Made from the leaf of a plant, Stevia is all-natural and doesn’t carry the health risks of many other artificial sweeteners.

    *The healthiest choices for beverages are water or herbal tea.

  2. Avoid high-calorie desserts. As summer approaches, avoid fat-laced desserts and replace them with lower-fat and reduced-calorie treats, such as fat-free Jell-O and puddings. Strive to eat three fruits a day, one after each meal for dessert.


Losing weight isn’t as hard as you think. If you are looking to lose under twenty pounds detox your body and make the recommendations that were listed above. For those who desire to lose more weight let’s start the conversation to determine how I can best facilitate you in reaching a healthier weight.

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