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There was a time in the Black community when Black women loved themselves and their sisters. It is disheartening to witness another sister call a fellow sister out of her name or even resort to fighting. Oftentimes since this is what we see in media it’s easy to become desensitized to this abuse.

Personally, I know of several Black women who are doing incredible things and deserve their flowers while they are here to enjoy them. One day while browsing social media I came across an ad from Jen Franks. The ad caught my eye because of the hashtag Black Women World Record.

After reading the ad I learned that Jen decided to highlight Black women in a positive light across social media. This is a mission that resonated with me so I decided to join the movement.

Jen is calling on 3,000 Black women with a High School Diploma or above to help her set a world-first, mass representation record online on September 8th, 2023.

The project is set to flood social media, aiming for a minimum of 1 million social impacts.

September 8th is the birthday of civil rights activist Ruby Bridges who stepped into the history books in 1960; who became an international icon at just 6 years old.

If you are a Black woman with a high school diploma or above join this movement at https://www.extremeexcellence.com/blackwomenworldrecord.

The narrative can be shifted and it starts with you and me. When we see a Black woman spreading positivity lift her up and share with others. When we do this our world will change for the better.


I am here for you Sister. You are not alone in this world so when you want to talk find a time on my calendar at https://calendly.com/newhealthyyou.

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