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Your mind has approximately 100 billion neurons. Whatever you tell yourself is what your mind will believe. Utilizing affirmations is an excellent way to spark new beliefs that will ultimately change your behavior.


I am dedicated and dependable. Success requires consistency.

I set realistic expectations. I limit my commitments to what I can handle. I clarify my priorities and focus on the essentials.

I establish routines and habits. I make smart choices automatically. I stick to an early bedtime that has me waking up feeling refreshed. I make time in my schedule for socializing, relaxing, and practicing self-care.

I persevere through obstacles. I remain calm and consider my options. I use my inner dialogue to encourage and reassure myself. I build resilience and learn from experience.

I push myself even when I feel uninspired. I set small goals and create momentum.

I pick myself up promptly when I fall. I seek progress rather than perfection I forgive myself and move forward.

I take care of my health. I eat nutritious whole foods for most of my meals and snacks. I exercise each day, even if my workouts are sometimes brief. I visit my doctor for recommended screenings and checkups.

I bond with family and friends. I am loyal to my loved ones. I follow through on my promises, I treat others with fairness and compassion. I give my children predictable rules and limits so that they can learn responsibility.

I show up on time and put my heart into my work. I meet deadlines and deliver results. I help reduce stress and conflicts. I earn the trust of my colleagues.

Today, I am disciplined and steadfast. I work consistently toward my goals.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. How does being reliable strengthen my relationships?

2. How can I prevent consistency from becoming boring?

3. What is one area of my life where I want to be more consistent?


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