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4 Ingredients to Living An Empowered Life

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Empowerment may not mean what you think it means. For example, you’re mistaken if you think it means having power over others. What it means is to feel confident and assured.

Consider this. How do you respond to problems in your life? Do you see yourself as a victim or as a victor? If you see yourself as a victim, you will always feel controlled by life’s events. If you see yourself as a victor, you control your life.

The secret to living an empowered life is to have power over yourself and to conquer your mind and its destructive habits. To not be at the mercy of your choices and actions, but to be in control of them.

Decide not out of societal pressure or coercion but because they align with your values and desires.

These Ingredients are essential for empowered living:

  1. Set and accomplish a challenging task. Set a realistic but ambitious goal. Make a plan. Follow through with the plan. Succeed. Repeat. You can start small. Clean your room, finish a book you’ve been struggling to get through for months, and work hard at your job. Beat your records.
  • Do something for yourself, whether learning or trying something new, pampering yourself or others. Doing any of these things may fill you with fear or apprehension, but do it, anyway. Buy yourself something afterward.
  • That is hugely empowering. Knowing you can achieve the goals you set for yourself boosts your self-confidence.

2. Take control of your health and consciously decide to get fit. Looking great inspires confidence. Don’t be afraid to start small. Minor changes lead to significant results. Eat healthy food, keep physically active, and quit drinking and smoking. Wear makeup if that’s your thing.

  • We feel empowered when we have certain things under our control. Losing weight, for example, can make you feel empowered. You will know you look a certain way because you put in the work.
  • It feels good to be taking positive steps. You may not think of taking these steps as empowering, but you should.

3. Become financially independent. When you’re too preoccupied with your financial situation, you can never feel empowered about anything. You’re in a constant state of instability. No therapist can help you if you feel depressed over your financial situation. Instead, try these techniques.

  • Learn a skill to help you get a better job. Ask for a promotion or a raise. Switch jobs if you’re stagnant in your current one. Whether or not we like to admit it, money gives us freedom.
  • The more money you have, the freer you are to do what you want- not necessarily what you have to. For some individuals, entrepreneurship creates a life of financial and time freedom.

4. Help others. Developing meaningful relationships with others is also empowering. You will feel empowered when you feel worthwhile like you are contributing to someone else’s happiness. There are many ways to do this.

  • Volunteer with a non-profit organization like a YMCA or your local domestic abuse shelter. Compliment a stranger when you are out running errands. They aren’t expecting it. Talk about something you’re passionate about and watch others understand and get passionate about the subject, too.

  • Getting feedback from people you help is empowering!


Remain grateful for how far you’ve come. Appreciate yourself for who you are. Realize that just because there are parts of you that are less than perfect does not mean you don’t deserve love. When you appreciate and respect yourself, changes come, and confidence follows.

Avoid waiting for others to acknowledge and validate you. Look back at the changes you’ve made in your life and all your progress. Draw lessons from your experiences. Taking control of your life has a significant impact on you.

Once you start on that empowerment journey, it will only get easier for you to keep setting and reaching your goals.

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