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Chef LaToya Larkin with Black Girl Tamales


Last year I met LaToya Larkin as we were part of Goldman Sachs One Million Black Women Black in Business Program. Since we were part of the inaugural cohort we didn’t know what to expect but I soon realized that LaToya was someone who seized opportunities.

LaToya founded Black Girl Tamales in 2019. The start of the company came about from taking some left-over collard greens and making a dozen tamales and her son aka VP of Black Girl Tamales told her “Mama you tripping”. After changing his mind as he’s her tried true taste tester and letting clients sample them. History was made and everyone fell in love with the idea of collard greens in a tamale making them a top seller from her regular flavors. 

One thing is certain LaToya is passionate about her business and has put in hard work.

Her hard work is paying off as Black Girl Tamales is in the process of selling its storefront location to pivot into major retail. Would you consider supporting her fundraising initiative? Visit https://igg.me/at/Black-Girl-Tamales/x#/ to learn more about the various ways you can support Chef LaToya and Black Girl Tamales.


Black women are one of the fastest-growing segments of the U.S. population starting businesses. One of the challenges we face in starting a business is access to capital. According to Her Magic report, Black women were projected to spend $1.5 trillion in 2021. When we realize our power we will revolutionize the world. Be more intentional about supporting Black women in business. The more we support one another the less dependent we are on outside funding to build a sustainable business.

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