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Self-Love Habits for Challenging Times


Some events can shake your belief in yourself. Consider these methods for bouncing back from adversity.

  1. Forgive yourself. Make a new start. Pardon yourself for past mistakes and unfortunate choices. Focus on what you can learn so you’ll be more prepared the next time.

  2. Recover from heartbreak. The end of a relationship can be an especially hard blow to your ego. You may feel unattractive or wonder if life is passing you by. Take time to heal and identify what you’re really looking for. Wish your former partner well and move on towards falling in love with yourself.

  3. Deal with unemployment. Likewise, being out of work can make you feel unwanted. Until you find your next position, fill your time with volunteer work. Join a job club where you can exchange leads and support.

  4. Seek counseling. Childhood experiences may have turned into patterns that are holding you back from loving yourself. Consult a therapist or a life coach for guidance in addressing such issues.


Generous helpings of self-love can transform your life. When you understand and cherish yourself, you can build strong relationships and rise to any challenge. If you are looking for more ways to love yourself the digital course Unlocking the New True Authentic You is for you. Learn more about the course at http://www.cassandrarhill.com/courses

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