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Affordable Healthy Living

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Have you ever thought living healthy is expensive? Most people think eating healthy and other things typically associated with a healthy life will cost lots of money. Quite frankly I don’t subscribe to this logic because I think people are priceless.

Do you value yourself enough to live a healthy life? Now more than ever we see the importance of living healthy. Make good decisions today that will positively impact your tomorrow.

Throw out all the toxins in your home like household cleaners, disinfectants, body care, etc. and start using natural products to lessen the toxins in your body.

Watch this video for more information about toxic products http://www.vimeo.com/328967147. Video password is Splash. If you are interested in purchasing healthy living products contact us at http://www.cassandrarhill.com.

Remember you are priceless! Start treating your body accordingly.

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I'm Cassandra Hill

And I work with women who are struggling to put their health and wellbeing first. My path as a Christian Holistic Wellness Influencer started with a career in gerontology that was sidetracked by a battle with a chronic illness. After five years in remission, it’s become my life’s work to teach other women a framework for holistic wellness so they can start feeling their best again.

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