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Love Letters to My Girls


At the end of 2019 I prayed to God for direction in my life and business. One of the visions that God gave me was collaborating more with women particularly women of color.

When 2020 came and I learned of the opportunity to be a co-author with Love Letters to My Girls I truly believed this was a door open from God. Love Letters to My Girls is a book anthology written by over one hundred black women. I am excited to be a part of this project alongside some wonderful women.

Always be open to walk in the steps God has planned for your life. Love Letters to My Girls virtual book release and conference begins tonight. It would be an honor to have you as my guest. Sign-up is free for general admission. Here is the link to register smpl.ro/loveletters.

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I'm Cassandra Hill

And I work with women who are struggling to put their health and wellbeing first. My path as a Christian Holistic Wellness Influencer started with a career in gerontology that was sidetracked by a battle with a chronic illness. After five years in remission, it’s become my life’s work to teach other women a framework for holistic wellness so they can start feeling their best again.

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