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How To Internalize Your External Achievements


A wall of fame lined up with your achievements at work, in school, or other areas of life; yet you still feel that you haven’t done enough. Numerous women go through self-esteem and self-confidence issues regardless of their worldly achievements. Women have the tendency to overlook their own achievements and find faults in minor and major things about themselves.

To maintain a positive balance in the health and wellness, it’s important that women are able to internalize their external achievements and increase self-worth. You can use a few confidence boosting tips, consult a lifestyle consultant, or just adapt some of these ways to reduce the self-doubt.

Be Aware of Your Skills & Abilities

Most women feel that their accomplishments are either by chance or sheer luck. On the contrary, their achievements represent hard work, resilience and their skills and abilities. If your achievements aren’t boosting your confidence, there is a chance you’re doubting your own skill sets.

The first thing you have to do, is believe in your own skill sets. Take on small tasks related to your skills and abilities and see how well you can do. It’s essential to be aware of your own abilities.

Give Yourself Constant Reminders

We often forget how we achieved something. We remember the beginning and the end result, but we tend to overlook the hurdles that we overcame in the process. Instead of doubting yourself, it’s important that you spend time reminding yourself of the difficulties you have conquered. Constant reminders may help you understand how great you have been at handling stressful situations before.

Remembering your own resilience may help you internalize your external achievements, in turn increasing your self-worth.

Don’t Start Comparisons

First thing a wellness consultant will tell you is to stop comparing yourself with others around you. Everyone has a different set of goals, therefore have different struggles, and results. Someone might look like they have it all, making you feel demotivated. But your goals, and achievements were harder to achieve.

Instead of comparing your own success with others, try celebrating yourself and being compassionate to the struggles of others. Put yourself in their place and imagine how difficult, or how easy it would be for you to get through their situation.

Don’t Down Play Your Success

Women with low self-esteem and low self-confidence will often brush off their victories and achievements as unnecessary or easy. Instead of making your achievements look small, remember how hard it was to achieve them. Give yourself a huge pat on the back for being able to get through everyday hurdles, and accept the magnificence of your success.

If you’re still having difficulty internalizing your external achievements, give our website a visit. Cassandra R. Hill is a Christian holistic wellness coach that focuses on working with black women with self-doubt and self-esteem issues. She has wellness coaching sessions designed to cater to several self-awareness problems. Give us a call to schedule a session with her.

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