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There is a big hype going on right now on living your best life. Unfortunately, so many people are unhappy with their life and as Women of color oftentimes we put so much on yourselves that we feel discontented with our station in life. We have been taught to be strong matter of fact so strong that we can handle anything oftentimes with little to no help. Can I tell you that is a big fat lie? Ladies we are killing ourselves attempting to please everyone except the person we see everyday in the mirror.

On the job we feel that we must work twice as hard as our colleagues. In our mind we have to prove our worth of climbing the corporate ladder. This normally ends bad for us. We work so hard and hit the glass ceiling or put so much effort into work neglecting ourselves and family. The truth of the matter is whatever is for you is for YOU! The universe has a way of bringing things to us that is a part of God’s Will for our life.

Here’s the question: Are you ready for elevation? Ladies let me tell you a secret no matter how much you succeed your life isn’t fulfilled unless you’re physically healthy and have peace of mind. You’re probably thinking what qualifies me to tell you this well I reached success in my career earning several recognitions like VIP Professional Woman of the Year and Atlanta Business Journal Person on the Move. Looking in from the outside most people would have thought I wouldn’t mind that way of life. Although I genuinely loved what I was doing in my career there was one big problem. I neglected my body for years and my body attacked itself with systemic lupus. For seven years starting in 2007 I was on the roll-coaster ride from being healthy to being sick. In 2014 got sick and initially thought it was just a cold but once I had a heart to heart with myself, I knew it was more than a cold. A few days later I went to the doctor and asked if he could perform an ANA test because I thought I had an autoimmune disease. Well the test came back positive and eventually I just got tired of being sick. In 2016 I began loving my body inside and out and lupus went into remission and has stayed in remission.

At one time in my life I sacrificed my health to become successful, but I never had REAL SUCCESS. Can you relate to having the decent career or business but feeling unfulfilled? God designed this body and when He made it, He said it was good. He breathed into us His Spirit so our intuition will always let us know when something isn’t right. He created a temple!

Unhealthy living will hinder you from giving your best gift to the world. The body will give you signals that it needs some help? Do you stay fatigued? Are you so tired that your body catches every little bug that comes around? Do you spend most of your day with the Debbie downers? We all know the Debbie downers. The people who always find something to complain about whether it’s the weather, work, or family life nothing ever goes right for them. Which makes your mind so negative its hard for you to focus and concentrate. This isn’t what you want for life and you just feel stuck. It doesn’t matter if you have been stuck for days, weeks, months, or years. Today is the day to get unstuck! Now is the time to manifest your gift to the world. Decide today that the best Return on Investment is investing in yourself!

3 Tips to Becoming Your Best Self

We are going to address our inside first because our mind is so powerful and we can literally think ourselves into almost anything and then address our temple.

  1. Remove toxins from your life. Positive energy attracts positivity. Get away from the poison! Don’t allow anyone to kill your life and dreams!
  2. Heal your gut. We take our cars for oil changes and other maintenance. Our bodies need maintenance as well. Cleanse your body from all the junk that it has consumed. There are several cleanses on the market I know there is one that fits your lifestyle.
  3. Restore your body. Implement self-care into your daily routine. Take a multivitamin or supplement. Relax with aromatherapy, yoga, or whatever brings clarity into your mind. Our bodies are designed to work AND rest.

Now these three steps will help you in becoming your best self. Ladies get ready for your transformation! I can’t wait to hear your story. What are you transforming into?

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