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Over 75% of women experience hot flashes. Hot flashes can affect a woman’s mood causing irritability. For some women, the sweating that occurs with hot flashes causing them to stay isolated. Although many women will experience hot flashes it still has been considered a taboo topic.

Many of these women are suffering and feel there is no solution to hot flashes nor the other challenges that surround peri/post menopause. Thankfully, there are natural options available to manage these symptoms.  


  1. Drink less caffeine and cut back on sugars. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. One easy hack to increase your fruit and veggie intake would be by drinking smoothies. My recommendation for smoothies are Juice Plus because they offer so much nutrition since they are fruit and veggie based. To learn more about the shakes visit https://ch93603.juiceplus.com/us/en/products/complete/shakes-single-serve/french-vanilla-shakes.

2. Implement regular exercise into your routine. This will improve blood circulation and will decrease your hot flashes. Whether you choose to go for a walk or do some yoga find an actvity that will get you moving for at least 30 minutes.

3. Phytoestrogen has proven to be beneficial for reducing hot flashes. Additionally phytoestrogen addresses some of the hormonal imbalances that occur during peri/post menopause. For a natural supplement that contains phytoestrogen a women’s health kit is your answer. To learn more about the kit and discover the best plan for your needs send me a message on whatever platform you are reading this post.

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