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Entrepreneurial Success: Improve Your Health to Increase Your Revenue


While the first step to become an entrepreneur is locating a profitable business idea, the true foundation of entrepreneurial success rests within a healthy body. A good idea can take you only so far.

You may have hundreds – if not thousands – of competitors in your field. Many of them sell the exact same product as you. Yet, one business may be raking in huge monthly revenue, while the other can barely get off the ground.

So, what separates these two businesses? It’s the difference in the health & well-being of the entrepreneurs behind the ventures. The successful businessperson boasts a radical self-care regimen that leads to higher revenue. The unsuccessful one may know a thing or two about business but neglects their health to the demise of the business.

Below is a chart that displays the key differences in the health & well-being of a successful and unsuccessful entrepreneur. Adopt these philosophies of the successful entrepreneur and you’ll happily discover that your profits increase as well!

The Mindset of the Successful Entrepreneur

  • Provides their body with the right nutrition to perform at maximum performance  
  • Fuels their mind with positivity on a daily basis  
  • Believes in his ability to achieve the best and constantly pushes himself beyond his comfort zone for the greater good of his business.
  • Values her intuition over the advice of another. She truly understands what’s best for her business.
  • Stands her ground. She confronts rotten eggs with a cool attitude and a firm intent. She notices everything and handles all confrontation with class.

The Mindset of the Unsuccessful Entrepreneur

  • Feels embarrassed to toot her own horn and often downplays the complexity of her business.
  • Allows her personal low self-esteem to translate into her business leadership. Because of this, her marketing, networking, public perception, and revenue take a hit.
  • Eating fast-food is normal because she has no time to cook/meal prep views fellow women entrepreneurs as competition and is unwilling to collaborate  
  • Works long hours and creates no time for self-care


Every business has challenges, including challenging clients or customers. How you deal with these challenges is directly related to how well you take care of yourself in body, mind, and spirit. Don’t believe me? Check out my digital course, “Self-Care Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs”. We delve deep into why you need to nurture your whole body; how to strengthen your business by discarding destructive practices; how to set boundaries; and how to find your deepest motivations.

Register for the the Self-Care Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs at https://cassandrahill.podia.com/physical-emotional-spiritual-self-care-bootcamp-for-entrpreneurs.

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