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PCOS And Mental Health: How To Better Manage Anxiety And Depression

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One in every ten women suffers from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. However, PCOS is a lot more than an ovarian health problem. It has a wide range of mental health implications and hormonal changes. These include depression, stress, and anxiety. If you struggle with any of these as a PCOS patient, here are three essential ways to manage it.

Lifestyle Changes

If there’s one thing that can instantly make or break your PCOS journey, it’s your regular lifestyle. Most of the symptoms women with PCOS struggle with are directly associated with their routine and lifestyle habits. From increased sugar intake to high-stress levels and lack of supplement consumption, all these practices contribute towards increased depression and anxiety among PCOS patients.

Symptoms like facial hair growth and hormonal acne further contribute to the stress by making one feel self-conscious at all times. Therefore, one of the best ways to combat this challenge is by making the right lifestyle changes. These include eating right, reducing stress, sleeping on time, and exercising regularly.

Medication & Supplements

One of the biggest reasons why PCOS patients feel tired, exhausted, and drained all the time is that they often skip their medication and aren’t consistent enough with their supplement consumption. It’s crucial to know that PCOS is a lengthy and challenging process, but it’s not impossible to eliminate.

Therefore, the best way to manage anxiety and mental health-related symptoms in PCOS is to always stay on top of your supplementary consumption and stay consistent with it.

Mindfulness Practices

Apart from a healthy diet, medication, and exercises, there’s more you can do to feel healthier and happier as a PCOS patient. Start by taking some time out for yourself and using it to sleep better, do some yoga exercises, meditate, and spend some time away from the screen.

This will help you take better control of your life and determine what you need to continue your journey towards healing from PCOS.

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PCOS patients have a lot to deal with, including fatigue, exhaustion, and stress that comes with it. However, proper help and assistance can empower you to combat this issue effectively. You can now seek further help and holistic consultation from a holistic wellness influencer like myself. I’m Cassandra Hill, working as a wellness coach for black professional women.

I continue to serve as one of the most supportive holistic health and wellness coaches for women, known for promoting health and wellness for women by helping them feel confident, worthy, and valuable in their own bodies. If you’re someone who could benefit from my coaching for wellness, get started by contacting me today!

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